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Why Choose Epiphany Websites?

Epiphany Websites wants you to be EVEN MORE successful, so we will build a website that helps you achieve your goals, and one that your customers love to visit!

Your website has the potential to be your best marketing asset, so a smart investment goes a long way. Whether the goal of your website is to generate more leads, traffic or sales, we can create one that will help you get there.

We want to understand your business, your customers, clients, and competitors so that we can create a strategic website that harmonizes with your marketing plan. Our work begins in a strategy session, and from there the construction of your beautiful website begins!

We will construct your website from the ground up using the most current and highest recommended methods to make your website search engine friendly.

Epiphany Websites Services

Epiphany Websites Custom Design

Website Design

Professional Custom Website Design and Programming.

Epiphany Websites E-Commerce

E-Commerce Website Design

Professional Custom E-Commerce Website Design and Programming.

Epiphany Websites Refresh

Website Refresh

Epiphany Websites gives your existing website a new look and up to date.

Epiphany Website Repair

Website Repair and Trouble Shooting

If it's not working right, we can fix it.

Epiphany Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Epiphany provides a full range of digital marketing services.

Epiphany Websites SEO Service

Website SEO

We can raise your position in search engine results so your customers can easily find you.

Epiphany Social Media Service

Social Media Marketing

We can boost your presence and following in social media.

Epiphany Custom Programming Card

Custom Website Programming

We can make your website interact with your visitors rather than simply displaying static content.

Epiphany Image Card

Marketing Images

Epiphany can create just about any marketing image you can dream up, and more.

Epiphany Websites So Super Stuff

Lots of Super Stuff To Choose!

Fantastic Features That Will Boost Your Business

Professional Design

Epiphany Website's software engineer will give your website the functionality that caters to your customers.
Our professional content designer will give it the look and feel of your brand personality.

Social Integration

All come ready to market through all the social networks.
Social Sharing, Social Like Buttons, Social Login, Visitor Comments and Reviews, Email Marketing.

Epiphany Websites SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization

We will construct your website from the ground up using the most current and highest recommended methods to make your website search engine friendly.

How to choose a website developer

Custom Made Images

Most of the images you see in this website cannot be found anywhere else. They are composed by our in-house designer, and we would love to make some custom images for you!

Epiphany Websites Dazzling Elements

Dazzling Elements

If you've seen it anywhere, Epiphany Websites can make it.
Your site will sizzle!
Carousels, Galleries, Sliders, Animated Entrance, Videos, Accordions, Popups, and you name it.

Epiphany Website Programming

Website & App Programming

We can create custom plugins and logic for your website to treat your visitors exactly as they want.
We can also create custom Android Apps for your business.

Epiphany Website Security

Website Security

All of our products are made safe from hackers and anybody who wants to steal your or your customers' data.
Use of SSL (which makes it safe to use your site privately with https), anti-spam protection, and your emails will stay out of your customers' spam folder.

Epiphany Website Analytics

Analytics Integration

You will know how many people are visiting your site, who referred them, what pages they visit, where they drop off, where they come from, and more. Standard for all products.
Analytics data will tell you where to improve your website attraction.

And Even More Options!

Epiphany Websites Internationalization

Multiple Languages

Install the infrastructure to have your website professionally translated into all the languages of your choice.
Alternatively, you can install automatic machine translation which can translate into dozens of languages automatically.

Epiphany Websites Restaurant Plugin

Restaurant Takeout/Delivery Ordering

Epiphany Websites can install a system to take online orders for your restaurant!

Epiphany Websites Bookly Plugin

Appointment System

Add an appointment system to your website. You can have a basic system with a single staff member, or a pro version with no limits.