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May Wang

May has a degree in fashion design, and over a decade of experience in the field of clothing industry. She also has a track record of selling houses at full asking price, using budget friendly improvements and artful staging to make the house highly appreciated to buyers’ eyes.

May now brings the experience of tailoring look and feel to website visitors. Her attention to detail may not always be overtly noticed, but they will make your website a place where customers love to visit and buy.

Garrett Herschleb

Garrett has experience in many technical fields. He was one of the pioneers at Motorola in the early years of bringing the first 2G (digital) cellular data capability to mobile phones. Later participating in bringing voice over IP, a technology used today for most long distance phone calls. He worked at Intel, helping to bring smart TV to the world, making a valuable patent, and winning a divisional award for his management in bringing new high tech chips to market.

Now Garrett is making his expertise available in making websites with unique customization capabilities.

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