Epiphany SEO Brings Your Business Into the Spotlight

Do I Really Need Epiphany SEO?

Epiphany SEO directs search engines to highlight your business in the non-paid search results. When someone is looking for a product or service, internet searches are almost always involved. According to research, 89% of customers conduct online research before making a decision. In our experience, it is likely there are 100’s or 1000’s of people in your region searching for your product or service every month. Sometimes it is 100’s of thousands potential customers searching per month. What if you were able to capture a significant percentage of those searchers? What would 100’s or 1000’s of new customers every month mean to you? Being discoverable on a search is central to nearly any good marketing plan. Did you know that 95% of searches end up using one of the results on the first page? That leaves just scraps for the businesses on the second page. SEO is all about getting your business on the first page, ideally listed as the first non-ad result. Epiphany SEO First Page These days, being on the first page of a good keyword search is often the difference between failure and enormous success. This matters more than how good your product or service is. SEO’s long term return on investment is superior to paid advertising, and in most cases, in the thousands of percent ROI. SEO has also become the central hub of all other advertising channels. It is absolutely essential for any business that requires more than about 20 new customers per month. Can you be successful without SEO? In some cases, yes. Low volume sales with high value worth dedicated sales attention could possibly be accomplished better through direct sales. However, all businesses can benefit from being at the top of relevant search results.

Why Outsource SEO to Professionals?

The difficulty could be that one or more of your competitors might be strong competition in SEO. It’s a game of king of the mountain. To get to the top, you have to push someone off.

Depending on your industry and region, the level of competition may vary from relatively easy for professionals, to extremely competitive and difficult. And once you get to the top, you always have to prevent others from pushing you off.

Search engines use about 200 factors to compute the placement of your website in any particular search query. Some of those factors are complex combinations of sub-factors. And the factors are always rapidly evolving. Full time research and adaptation is required for staying competitive in SEO. Content and strategies must be continually adapted to new factors and changing competition.

Professional Fencing

Also, it requires technical expertise to measure well in some of the ranking factors search engines use, such as page load speed, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), etc.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking because it’s difficult that it’s not worthwhile. The return on investment in SEO is often the highest possible ROI marketing activity. That’s because most search terms represent 1000’s of customers every month. What is 1000 new customers per month worth to you? Also, in many cases it’s very affordable. In any case, Epiphany SEO will give you a good idea of your ROI after the initial consultation.

Epiphany Digital Marketing values your high success as key to our long term relationship. Therefore we strive to make your marketing investment reach ever higher levels of return.

And That's Just the Beginning

Epiphany Digital Marketing combines the power of SEO activities with Social Media Marketing. Every SEO related posting is supported and amplified with social media promotion. All included in the SEO service cost.

When SEO is combined with social media promotion, you can get up to 20% better ranking for an individual post.

Epiphany Digital Marketing also coordinates SEO with advertising strategy. Advertisements can act as relatively inexpensive tests for the effectiveness of keywords. Advertising can also supplement and augment SEO.

OK, How Much Will This Cost Me?

Flat Fee Plan
Maximum Profits for You

The flat fee plan is for those who have studied the situation for themselves and can see how beneficial SEO services can be.

Together we take a look at the search engine situation in your market and region, and define an optimal SEO strategy to maximize the gain for the effort. You pay for our time executing that strategy every month.

Epiphany SEO does the work, and your business reaps all the rewards.

Epiphany SEO service includes:

  • Content Strategy Development
  • Content Tactical Execution
  • Local SEO
  • Rich Results / Schema Markup
  • Website health maintenance
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Quality link building
  • Brand reputation monitoring and management
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Content refinement
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Press Releases and SEO enhancing PR activities
  • All in your local language

All of these services are time intensive and require focus and expertise.

Zero Risk Plan
You Only Pay for Results

If you would like to take a more conservative approach, the zero risk plan is for you.

Together we agree on a key indicator, like the number of website clicks above a current baseline. Then we figure out how much a click  is worth to you. Based on that, we agree on a price for results. You only pay for what you’ve already received.

Another possible key indicator is number of conversions (people who click to be contacted, see your phone number or location). This offer is only available to clients who hire us to develop and maintain their website, because conversion rate is highly dependent on the content and design of the website.

We perform all of the services outlined in the Flat Fee Plan. The only difference is how the monthly bill is calculated. 

I Want to Know More

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